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John McLellan obituary | Sports car

My father, John McLellan, who died at the age of 86 from Parkinson’s disease, was a journalist, car restorer, racing driver, playwright, theater manager and artist. He even managed to live off some of them. In the world of classic cars and the arts, he achieved a great deal, publishing 10 books, including MG: The […]

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Process and control today | Choosing the Right Motor Control Equipment: When to Choose a Variable Speed ​​Drive or Soft Starter

08/09/2021 WEG (UK) Ltd Leading manufacturer of industrial motors and variable speed drives (VSD) YWAM, published a white paper detailing how to choose between VSDs and softstarters. The free guide titled, Variable speed drive or soft starter will help facility managers make an informed purchase decision and can be downloaded from the company’s website. Solid-state […]