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‘Ferrari’s Plan Æ’: 2022 Belgian GP – Up, Down

Brundle, Crofty et al predicted that the 2022 Belgian GP would be an absolute stopper, so it was almost inevitable that it wouldn’t be.

Ferrari and – more surprisingly – Mercedes managed to sabotage their races, Sergio Perez and Carlos Sainz were true to form and showed Max Verstappen no fight, setting the stage for a fine crossing of the Ardennes for the Dutchman.

Meanwhile, Alex Albon kept his cool, Daniel Ricciardo vindicated McLaren’s decision to send him back to the Stone Age and the old boys led by example.

Here is what happened at Spa-Francorchamps:

I go down

‘Plan D’ is for ‘dinner’?

Binotto plans to boost his strategists


Just when you think Ferrari has exhausted the means to mess up, the Scuderia digs even deeper and finds a new level of failure.

In qualifying, the Italian team put new race tires on Leclerc when he was simply sent to give Sainz a tow.

Then, after presenting the Monegasque with a myriad of strategic options mid-race, which he would surely have struggled to decide at 200mph, his confused colleagues called Leclerc into the pits for a risky bid for the fastest lap. , placing him behind Fernando Alonso with two laps remaining.

After passing the Spaniard, Leclerc was hit with a speeding penalty in the pit lane, dropping him to sixth place. ‘Mamma Mia’ doesn’t even cut it anymore.

dull latifi


Fruit of the work of Latifi


Nicholas Latifi’s gaffes this season alone would have filled a Murray Walker “crashfest” video at the time.

The Canadian crashed out of the first chicane on lap 2, losing control and needlessly throwing a helpless Valtteri Bottas out of the race.



Impact moment for Alonso and Hamilton

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Lewis Hamilton felt Alonso’s wrath after pressing the Spaniard to Les Combes on the first lap, the inevitable contact sending the seven-time champion skyward.

What started out as a miserable weekend for Mercedes might have resulted in a podium, had the unnecessary incident not happened.

Ricciardo gives McLaren more reason


Ricciardo stepping back into the field


Started seventh, finished 15th. Says a lot about his tenure at McLaren.

I ride

Albon combine harvester


Spa’s coolest client?


Albon, driving an FW44 with the speed and handling of a Belgian combine, managed to hold off much faster cars to clinch 10th place for Williams. Cheer.

Give it up for the old boys


Alonso loses none of his speed, a good day for Vettel too

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They may have a combined age of 75, but Alonso and Sebastian Vettel showed plenty of kids how it’s done in the Ardennes by finishing sixth and eighth respectively.

Consecutive song



Red Bull

Verstappen’s qualifying pace was terrifying, and the Dutchman made it easy to mow through the pitch. Just give him the title already?