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FIA to submit updated 2023 technical regulations to World Motor Sport Council

FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem has announced that an updated version of the Formula 1 technical regulations will be submitted to the World Motor Sport Council this week.

The announcement is part of the FIA’s action to combat “porpoising”, the bouncing phenomenon that has affected F1 2022 cars that use ground effect to produce downforce.

Formula 1 has gone the ground effect route as part of its drive to improve the spectacle of racing as new cars should be able to follow each other more closely, which the 2022 season has shown so far .

However, ‘porpoising’ was the unwanted side effect of the new regulations, and although some teams were able to deal with it, Ferrari and Red Bull being the best at it, eight-time constructors’ champion Mercedes did. suffered miserably. .

Mercedes W13 was a rebounding nightmare for the team and its drivers Lewis Hamilton and George Russell, as their troubles reached breaking point at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix in Baku, where the rebound was so violent Hamilton even struggled to get out of his car after the race.

After that, controversy began, as Toto Wolff pushed for a rule change to reduce rebound on the basis of safety, while Ferrari and Red Bull argued that Mercedes was pushing for the change simply because they miscalculated their sums with their 2022 car.

The debate ignited after Baku

The FIA ​​got involved, issuing a technical directive TD039, which should be in full force at the next F1 race at Spa, which has a short-term fix for ‘porpoising’, while there were talks animated between all stakeholders if the rules for the next year should be revised.

Several teams claimed it was too late to change the rules at this stage of the season as next year’s cars are already in development, with Red Bull being the loudest, as Mercedes’ Wolff even claimed that drivers could suffer brain damage from the kickback.

It appears Mercedes’ push for a change has paid off as FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem has announced that a revised set of technical regulations for 2023 will be submitted to the World Motor Sport Council (WMSC).

Ben Sulayem said in a tweet: “After discussing the porpoising issue with all 20 F1 drivers and 10 team principals, I am pleased to confirm that we will be submitting the updated 2023 technical regulations to the WMSC this week for solve this problem, in addition to the measures already taken for the rest of this season.

No other details have been released at this time.