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It is surely the most famous and iconic parade of historic cars in the world of motorsport. We refer to the Historic Monte Carlo Rally (Monte-Carlo Historic Rally) in his twenty-fourth edition from 27and January to 2n/a February 2022. The supreme race, within the FIA Historic Regularity Rallieswas impeccably organized by the Automobile Club of Monaco under the High Patronage of Their Serene Highnesses the Prince and Princess of Monaco and marked the return of the greatest sportsmanship in all of Europe. A rather difficult and delicate route with snow and ice characterized the 17 special classification events. It was not an easy task for the first 256 participants wishing to leave their mark in this memorable edition for motorsport enthusiasts.

Arrival in Monaco of the penultimate stage of the 24th Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique via La Turbie (Port Hercule, February 1, 2022).© Maurizio Abbati HelloMonaco

Thursday 27and, the crews left at different times from three symbolic points. At 2:00 p.m. the Rally kicked off at Bad Homburg (Germany), in the vicinity of Frankfurt, forcing the crews to face a journey of 1154 km to Monaco, including two time checks and three passage checks along the way.

At 6:00 p.m. the competitors began their adventure in Milano (Italy), from Corso Venezia where the local Automobile Club is located. A 664 km route to Monaco with a passage control in Pinerolo and a time check in the city of Difference (Department of Hautes Alpes).

At 7:00 p.m., the remaining 120 challengers left the starting line in Reims (France) to reach Monaco after having driven for 954 km also including several checkpoints and timetables.

Friday 28and January, they all arrived at Port Hercule, still full of energy after the concentration tests, except those who had already been placed out of the race. Dreaming of car models like Lancia, Alfa Romeo, DECREE, Renault, Ford, volkswagen, BMW Where Porsche from the late 1950s to the 1980s, peacefully invaded the official car park (Parc Fermé). Saturday 29and January, in the early morning, the challenge was Monaco-Valencia Going through Buis les Baronnies (mid-day checkpoint) during a busy racing day in the hilly region to cover more than 500 km in dry weather. Focus on the road and endurance at maximum power! Sunday 30and January, the Rallye restarted at 7:00 a.m. in the Ardeche evocative department. Stunning scenery, tasty local produce and roadside cheering accompanied all the teams to complete this new stage with a mid-day break in the pretty village of Saint-Agrève.

24th Monte-Carlo Historic Rally
The Parc Fermé during the final Monaco-Monaco stage (Port Hercule, February 1-2, 2022). © ACM Michael Alesi

Monday 31st January, the “common leg” morning session went through the Provencal baronies Regional park with a mid-day stop at Laragne Monteglin take a break before the most difficult part towards Col de Faye and the Vercors hills to come back Valence from 2:50 p.m. Windy and snowy weather caused organizers to stop Cîme du Mas / Col de Gaudissart step ahead for icy conditions.

At dawn the next day, the most “mountainous” race started from Saint-Nazaire-le-Desert at Gumia. A breathtaking challenge back in the Monaco car park, via La Turbieall participants in the early afternoon. A route reserved for true connoisseurs of driving, despite the sunny weather conditions. The “Last Stage” took place at night, as in the best tradition of Historic Rallies. Crews started rolling from 9:00 p.m. to tackle the most popular Turini pass Going through Sospel and return to Port Hercule around 1:00 a.m. on Wednesday 2n/a February 2022. All the best were gone!

But what was the mood of the participants? HelloMonaco took the pulse of some of them by collecting their comments.

24th Monte-Carlo Historic Rally
Vittorio Berzero (Italy) aboard a 1972 Renault 12 Gordini, interviewed by HelloMonaco (Port Hercule, February 1, 2022).© Maurizio Abbati HelloMonaco

I have been taking part in the Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique for nine years and I found this edition quite summery…”, underline Vittorio Berzero (Italy) co-pilot of Massimo Canelleaboard a quintessence 1972 Renault 12 Gordini – “It’s always a pleasure to come back to Monaco, which I consider to be the most beautiful historic rally in the world; and driving this car makes it even more special since this vehicle belonged to a dear friend, named Ciccio, who, just before passing away, asked me to drive it for him as he could no longer do so for health reasons. I think now his spirit is constantly with me,” he added.

24th Monte-Carlo Historic Rally
Jules and Victor Picoreau, interviewed by HelloMonaco aboard their 1971 Alfa-Romeo 2000 GTV (Port Hercule, February 1, 2022).© Maurizio Abbati HelloMonaco

It’s the first time I’ve taken part in this rally as a driver with my brother, Victor, as co-driver, and we’re both enjoying the experience.” Jules Picoreau (France), among the youngest participants driving a 1971 Alfa-Romeo 2000 GTV I am pleasantly surprised by the behavior of my little brother, ”said Victor.

“Motorsport is a family passion and this car has taken part in the Monte-Carlo Rally four times involving my father, my cousin and finally us. We like the friendly atmosphere found in this rally by sharing the same passion with the other participants in a good mood,” they added.

“I will always remember my victory at the Monte-Carlo Rally in 1988 (aboard a Lancia Delta HF 4WD of the Martini team) who changed my life by encouraging me to continue in motorsport achieving success also in the most popular Tour de Corse and Paris-Dakar, a real Guinness in French Rallies”, underline Bruno Saby (France), experienced pilot performing well this year on a Ford Capri 2300S (1970) with Danis Giraudethis co-pilot.

24th Monte-Carlo Historic Rally
Bruno Saby (France), aboard a 1970 Ford Capri 2300 S, interviewed by HelloMonaco (Port Hercule, February 1, 2022).© Maurizio Abbati HelloMonaco

I always try to adapt to each challenge by giving the best of myself and also trying to support good charities like Espoir Isère Contre Le Cancer”, he added.

It is very important for us to be in Monaco because this rally allows us to network as well as it makes us live real sporting moments with constant regularity tests monitoring our performance every second”stress Marat Yaroullin (Russia), co-pilot, aboard a spectacular 1968 Jaguar E-TYPE 4.2 with Andrei Ponomarev, of the Russian Racing Group. “We even stood up well to the snowy weather of Monday’s stage, which was partly cancelled, since we are well prepared both in terms of equipment and state of mind”, he concluded.

24th Monte-Carlo Historic Rally
Marat Yarullin and Andrei Ponomarev aboard their 1968 E-TYPE 4.2 Jaguar (Port Hercule, February 1, 2022).© Maurizio Abbati HelloMonaco

The Belgian twin brothers, Philippe and Antoine Cornet De Ways Ruart (Porsche 911 #45) won first prize and celebrated as part of the tradition Prize-giving ceremony and gala evening held in the Salle des Etoiles at the Monte-Carlo Sporting Club Wednesday night.

24th Monte-Carlo Historic Rally
The Parc Fermé during the final Monaco-Monaco stage (Port Hercule, February 1-2, 2022). © ACM Michael Alesi

The complicity between us worked perfectly and winning this mythical rally is pure happiness,” they said at the end of this memorable edition.

For further information on the Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique, visit the official website.