Motor sport

Motorsport federations plan increased collaboration

The four international motor sport governing bodies FAI (air sports), FIA (motor racing), UIM (motor boating) and FIM (motorcycling) recently met at the “House of Motorcycling” in Mies, Switzerland.

Positive discussions took place with the aim of increasing the level of collaboration and capitalizing on synergies between all disciplines of motorsport.

The governing bodies are already working together in several capacities, including the joint organization of events such as cross-country rallies, the homologation of equipment, the legislation that governs common aspects of the sport and the defense of responsibilities. social. Each organization has expressed a strong desire to strengthen and grow these existing projects.

A number of new key areas of common interest have also been identified, on which the federations will focus to strengthen the overall sports landscape. These include the opportunity to work more closely on the development of safety equipment and best practices, the commitment to a more environmentally friendly future, the development of sustainable powertrain technology, the ‘improvement of the inclusiveness of sport and the creation of joint competitor education programs.

With so many areas of positive collaboration, organizations will continue to work at both the governance and operational levels to build on the foundations established in this first meeting.

Pierre Duval, President of the FAI Environment Commission, said: “With the rapid evolution of technology, our electric sports can more easily find common ground to attract new crowds as participants and spectators. We are delighted to partner with other international federations to promote through sport the use of cleaner energies for the world and to ensure that we all conduct our business in the most efficient and safe way without wasting time and money our athletes and sponsors to duplicate tasks. This development will allow us to work better with authorities, organizers and the media to offer the public new experiences in an environmentally friendly format.

Graham Stoker, FIA Vice President for Sport, said: “It is a long-term goal to bring our global organizations together and pave the way for closer collaboration. The same passion and the same motivation are at the heart of all our disciplines, and we face the same challenges every day. Working more diligently together will have benefits for everyone – the organizers, the competitors, the sponsors and the fans – and I believe the goals we have set will result in a sport that is safer, more environmentally friendly, more exciting and more inclusive for everyone’s enjoyment.

Vito Ippolito, FIM President, said: “It is essential to have a platform between organizations with close synergies. In each of our sports, we are constantly seeking to innovate in order to improve the fan experience, competition structures and overall development. The exchange with my colleagues underlined the already existing cooperation between the international motorsport federations such as the FIA ​​and the FIM who share circuits and work together on safety or public affairs and we will continue these relations in the future.

Raffaelle Chiulli, President of IAJ, said: “As President of ARISF and UIM, I am very happy with such constructive cooperation between all the motorsport IFs. I am convinced that together we can raise awareness of the environment, alternative energies and sustainable development more effectively, promote environmental responsibility in all events of environmentally friendly technologies and solutions and exchange best practices and know-how. do without having to reinvent the wheel.

Photo credit: FIA