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QM Power Expands Portfolio and Launches New Variable Speed ​​Fan Motor Control

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina, July 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — QM Power has announced the launch of Q-Sync® VS, a new line of energy efficient Variable Speed ​​Permanent Magnet AC (PMAC) fan motors.

Q-Sync® VS adds variable speed capability to QM Power’s patented Q-Sync® control technology. This technology eliminates all power switching when the motor is operating at AC line frequency, resulting in unparalleled motor and system operating efficiency. Compared to typical electronically commutated motors (ECMs), Q-Sync® VS has up to 70% less losses, resulting in peak efficiencies of up to 93% and power consumption of up to 25% lower (Watts), depending on power, speed and load.

Commenting on the existing range, the business development team at ABS Energy Solutions Group says: “We are installing Q-Sync motors in grocery stores where we want to help owners increase their profits through energy efficiency measures. A typical upgrade results in returns of 40% or more which pays for installation in about a year.We only install Q-Sync motors because of this compelling return on investment and ongoing reliability.

New Q-Sync® VS Products will be available in ¼, ⅓ and ½ HP sizes for 120 or 230 VAC single phase, and are designed for residential, commercial and light industrial HVACR fan applications. Since 2016, the original Q-Sync® constant speed PMAC motors have helped improve operating efficiency in commercial refrigeration applications from 6 to 50 watts.

According Rick Hepperla, General Manager of Q-Sync®, “By deploying Q-Sync® high-efficiency technology, OEMs can improve their equipment system efficiency by simply replacing low-efficiency motors, and end users can realize savings on the operating costs of their HVACR fans, reducing their total cost of ownership and having a positive impact on the planet.” Q-Sync® motors are often eligible for energy rebates.

With this portfolio expansion, QM Power is able to accomplish its mission: to enable greater sustainable and energy efficient world with innovative electric motors and motor control products.

Those interested in Q-Sync® VS samples or a pilot program can email an efficiency expert at [email protected].

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