Motor control

Rockwell Automation Integrates New PowerFlex® Drives into CENTERLINE® Motor Control Centers, Delivering Real-Time Predictive Analytics Benefits

Providing real-time predictive analytics, operational intelligence, and high-performance engine control are key to increasing uptime. CENTERLINE 2100 motor control unit (MCC), configured with a new PowerFlex 755TS Variable Frequency Drive, offers these solutions.

CENTERLINE 2100 motor control centers provide power and process control in one centralized package. By integrating motor control and power into an MCC, manufacturers increase safety, productivity and reliability. Plus, with remote monitoring and control capabilities, CENTERLINE MCCs offer enhanced safety features to help protect personnel and equipment.

Designed for demanding industrial motor control applications, the new PowerFlex 755TS drives are built with total STRENGTH® control. This technology provides real-time predictive analytics. Automated commissioning. Adaptive control and high performance motor control to keep operations running at peak performance.

This industrial automation solution helps oil and gas producers to food and beverage producers:

  • Increase availability
  • Increase the productivity of existing operations
  • Reduce energy and maintenance costs
  • Increase security

In industries where downtime can cost thousands of dollars per hour, the real-time data from this smart technology provides peace of mind and can generate a return on investment in energy savings in as little as six month.